'Virtual reality' turntable animations

Click once (not a double-click) on a thumbnail below to see the object turning.

Depending on your internet connection, the animations may take a while to download.

There is a control panel in the turntable window which allows you to control the speed and direction of the turn, to stop it completely, and to zoom in and out. (You can use the arrows on your keyboard instead: left/right = rotate left/right; up/down = zoom in/out).

Be sure to close each animation after viewing as multiple open windows may cause them to conflict with each other.

If you're unable to view the animations, you may need to install the Java plugin. Click the logo on the right to download the required free software. Download the required Java plugin here

beaker1 Indented beaker from the North Western Provinces, late 3rd - early 4th century.

Click here for scale and more info.

beaker2 Large indented Lower Nene Valley beaker

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beaker3 Small indented beaker: Trier black-slipped ware (Moselkeramik) of 3rd century. flagon A Nene Valley colour-coated flagon or jug used in the bath house.
Early 4th century.

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head Forensic facial reconstruction based on the skull of the Whitehall Roman burial.

This takes a lot longer to download than the others - please be patient.

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Our thanks to Anthony Seminara of Condottiero Design for preparing these animations. We hope more will follow.
All of the above objects were conserved by Dr Martin P.Weaver.
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